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@ -25,6 +25,12 @@ Features:
* set memory.oom.group in cgroupsv2 for all leaf cgroups
* drop umask() calls and suchlike from our generators, pid1 should set things up correctly anyway
* paranoia: whenever we process passwords, call mlock() on the memory
first. i.e. look for all places we use string_erase()/string_free_erase() and
augment them with mlock()
* whenever oom_kill memory.event event is triggered print a nice log message
* Move RestrictAddressFamily= to the new cgroup create socket
@ -34,6 +40,14 @@ Features:
* chown() tty a service is attached to after the service goes down
* replace systemd-reboot.service's ExecStart= with a single SuccessAction=
line, so that we don't need to fork() for executing the reboot
service. Similar for other services like this, such as systemd-exit.service
and so on. Of course, for this to work service units with no ExecYYZ= set but
SuccessAction= set need to be acceptable.
* optionally: turn on cgroup delegation for per-session scope units
* optionally, if a per-partition GPT flag is set for the root/home/… partitions
format the partition on next boot and unset the flag, in order to implement
factory reset. also, add a second flag that simply indicates whether such a
@ -41,20 +55,6 @@ Features:
show state of these flags, and optionally trigger such a factory reset on
next boot by setting the flag.
* logind: maybe watch utmp asynchronously using inotify, and populate our own
tracked session metadata from the fields available therein. Why bother? Right
now, all "ssh" sessions will be tracked without their TTY by logind (which is
not just unfriendly to users as this means "loginctl session-status" shows
less information than "who" in many cases, but also breaks the IdleAction
logic, as we never can detect such sessions as idle, as we have no TTY to
watch). ssh sets the PAM_TTY field on its PAM sessions to "ssh" rather than
the actual pty, because the PAM session is opened early on for new
connections, but the PTY only registered much later (if at all). ssh writes
the utmp record only after a TTY is actually registered, hence we could use
this data then, and use it if it is available. Using utmp for this is ugly of
course, and watching things asynchronously even more so, but it should be
good enough for the idle detection logic at least.
* maybe extend .path units to expose fanotify() per-mount change events
* Add a "systemctl list-units --by-slice" mode or so, which rearranges the
@ -472,8 +472,6 @@ Features:
* maybe add support for specifier expansion in user.conf, specifically DefaultEnvironment=
* introduce systemd-timesync-wait.service or so to sync on an NTP fix?
* consider showing the unit names during boot up in the status output, not just the unit descriptions
* maybe allow timer units with an empty Units= setting, so that they
@ -615,7 +613,6 @@ Features:
- document chaining of signal handler for SIGCHLD and child handlers
- define more intervals where we will shift wakeup intervals around in, 1h, 6h, 24h, ...
- generate a failure of a default event loop is executed out-of-thread
- maybe add support for inotify events (which we can do safely now, with O_PATH)
* investigate endianness issues of UUID vs. GUID
@ -674,11 +671,9 @@ Features:
* logind:
- logind: optionally, ignore idle-hint logic for autosuspend, block suspend as long as a session is around
- When we update the kernel all kind of hibernation should be prohibited until shutdown/reboot
- logind: wakelock/opportunistic suspend support
- Add pretty name for seats in logind
- logind: allow showing logout dialog from system?
- session scopes/user unit: add RequiresMountsFor for the home directory of the user
- add Suspend() bus calls which take timestamps to fix double suspend issues when somebody hits suspend and closes laptop quickly.
- if pam_systemd is invoked by su from a process that is outside of a
any session we should probably just become a NOP, since that's
@ -851,8 +846,6 @@ Features:
"machinectl start" with a new --ephemeral switch
- "machinectl status" should also show internal logs of the container in
- "machinectl list-images" should show os-release data, as well as
machine-info data (including deployment level)
- "machinectl history"
- "machinectl diff"
- "machinectl commit" that takes a writable snapshot of a tree, invokes a
@ -1048,8 +1041,6 @@ External:
* kernel: add device_type = "fb", "fbcon" to class "graphics"
* drop accountsservice's StandardOutput=syslog and Type=dbus fields
* /usr/bin/service should actually show the new command line
* fedora: suggest auto-restart on failure, but not on success and not on coredump. also, ask people to think about changing the start limit logic. Also point people to RestartPreventExitStatus=, SuccessExitStatus=