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Lennart Poettering 3 years ago
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@ -62,6 +62,13 @@ Features:
operate on disk images directly. Specifically: bootctl, firstboot, tmpfiles,
sysusers, systemctl, repart, journalctl, coredumpctl.
* seccomp: by default mask x32 ABI system wide on x86-64. it's on its way out
* seccomp: don't install filters for ABIs that are masked anyway for the
specific service
* seccomp: maybe merge all filters we install into one with that libseccomp API that allows merging.
* per-service credential system. Specifically: add LoadCredential= (for loading
cred from file), AcquireCredential= (for asking user for cred, via
ask-password), PassCredential= (for passing on credential systemd itself