TODO: drop some external items

Those are either implemented or obsolete.
Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek 3 years ago
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commit 11aaaa2c96
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@ -1245,20 +1245,14 @@ External:
- natively watch for dbus-*.service symlinks (PENDING)
- teach dbus to activate all services it finds in /etc/systemd/services/org-*.service
* fix alsa mixer restore to not print error when no config is stored
* make cryptsetup lower --iter-time
* patch kernel for xattr support in /dev, /proc/, /sys?
* kernel: add device_type = "fb", "fbcon" to class "graphics"
* /usr/bin/service should actually show the new command line
* fedora: suggest auto-restart on failure, but not on success and not on coredump. also, ask people to think about changing the start limit logic. Also point people to RestartPreventExitStatus=, SuccessExitStatus=
* fedora: F20: go timer units all the way, leave cron.daily for cron
* neither pkexec nor sudo initialize environ[] from the PAM environment?
* fedora: update policy to declare access mode and ownership of unit files to root:root 0644, and add an rpmlint check for it