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Lennart Poettering 2 years ago
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@ -20,11 +20,23 @@ Janitorial Clean-ups:
* nss-systemd: also synthesize shadow records for users/groups
* add wrapper for mount() that uses O_PATH on the destination and than mounts
to /proc/self/fd/xxx so that we basically have a mount() with O_NOFOLLOW like
behaviour. (in case of bind mounts do it on both source and target)
* add root=tmpfs that mounts a tmpfs to /sysroot (to be used in combination
with usr=…, for a similar effect as systemd.volatile=yes but without the
"hide-out" effect). Also, add root=gpt-auto-late support or so, that is like
root=gpt-auto but initially mounts a tmpfs to /sysroot, and then revisits
later after systemd-repart ran. Usecase: let's ship images with only /usr
partition, then on first boot create the root partition. In this case we want
to read the repart data from /usr before the root partition exists. Add
usr=gpt-auto that automatically finds a /usr partition.
* homed: keep an fd to the homedir open at all times, to keep the fs pinned
(autofs and such) while user is loged in.
* nspawn: move "incoming mount" directory to /run/host, move "inaccessible"
nodes to /run/host, move notify socket (for sd_notify() between payload and
container manager)
* nss-systemd: also synthesize shadow records for users/groups
* make use of new glibc 2.32 APIs sigabbrev_np() and strerrorname_np().
@ -65,9 +77,6 @@ Features:
often for one, let's turn it off entirely for a while. Use that for the
/proc/self/mountinfo logic.
* move our systemd-user PAM snippet to /usr/, which PAM appears to support
these days
* nspawn: support time namespaces
* systemd-firstboot: make sure to always use chase_symlinks() before