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Lennart Poettering 5 years ago
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@ -52,6 +52,23 @@ Features:
show state of these flags, and optionally trigger such a factory reset on
next boot by setting the flag.
* sd-boot: search drop-ins in $BOOT, too
* sd-boot: add "oneshot boot timeout" variable support
* sd-boot: automatically load EFI modules from some drop-in dir, so that people
can add in file system drivers and such
* esp generator: also mount $BOOT if found
* sd-boot: optionally, show boot menu when previous default boot item has
non-zero "tries done" count
* logind: add "boot into bootmenu" API, and possibly even "boot into windows"
and "boot into macos".
* bootspec.c: also enumerate EFI unified kernel images.
* maybe extend .path units to expose fanotify() per-mount change events
* Add a "systemctl list-units --by-slice" mode or so, which rearranges the
@ -175,9 +192,6 @@ Features:
* calenderspec: add support for week numbers and day numbers within a
year. This would allow us to define "bi-weekly" triggers safely.
* add bpf-based implementation of devices cgroup controller logic for compat
with cgroupsv2 as supported by newest kernel
* sd-bus: add vtable flag, that may be used to request client creds implicitly
and asynchronously before dispatching the operation