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Lennart Poettering 2 years ago
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@ -128,12 +128,6 @@ Features:
defining subdir of /run/credentials/ where to place it. Set $CREDENTIAL_PATH
env var for services to the result. Also pass via fd passing (optionally).
* homed: add native recovery key support. use 48 lowercase modhex characters
(192bit), show qr code of it, include pattern expression in user record.
* homed: introduce "degraded" state for home directories that weren't cleanly
unmounted (use xattr we add and remove on the loop back file)
* homed: during login resize fs automatically towards size goal. Specifically,
resize to diskSize if possible, but leave a certain amount (configured by a
new value diskLeaveFreeSize) of space free on the backing fs.
@ -171,11 +165,6 @@ Features:
* systemd-gpt-auto should probably set x-systemd.growfs on the mounts it
* homed/userdb: distinguish passwords and recovery keys in the records, since
we probably want to use different PBKDF algorithms/settings for them:
passwords have low entropy but recovery keys should have good entropy key
hence we can make them quicker to work.
* bootctl:
- teach it to prepare an ESP wholesale, i.e. with mkfs.vfat invocation
- teach it to copy in unified kernel images and maybe type #1 boot loader spec entries from host