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Lennart Poettering 2 years ago
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@ -115,9 +115,9 @@ Features:
this, it's useful to have one that can dump contents of them, too.
* All tools that support --root= should also learn --image= so that they can
operate on disk images directly. Specifically: bootctl, tmpfiles, sysusers,
systemctl, repart, journalctl, coredumpctl. (Already done: systemd-nspawn,
operate on disk images directly. Specifically: bootctl, systemctl,
coredumpctl. (Already done: systemd-nspawn, systemd-firstboot,
systemd-repart, systemd-tmpfiles, systemd-sysusers, journalctl)
* seccomp: by default mask x32 ABI system wide on x86-64. it's on its way out
@ -332,9 +332,6 @@ Features:
right) become genuine first class citizens, and we gain automatic, sane JSON
output for them.
* systemd-firstboot: teach it dissector magic, so that you can point it to some
disk image and it will just set everything in it all behind the scenes.
* We should probably replace /var/log/README, /etc/rc.d/README with symlinks
that are linked to these places instead of copied. After all they are
constant vendor data.