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Lennart Poettering 4 years ago
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@ -35,6 +35,8 @@ Features:
course, and watching things asynchronously even more so, but it should be
good enough for the idle detection logic at least.
* maybe extend .path units to expose fanotify() per-mount change events
* Add a "systemctl list-units --by-slice" mode or so, which rearranges the
output of "systemctl list-units" slightly by showing the tree structure of
the slices, and the units attached to them.
@ -69,10 +71,6 @@ Features:
that our log messages could contain clickable links for example for unit
files and suchlike we operate on.
* introduce a new SystemCallFilters= group called "@system-service" with a
sensible default set for system services, then make use of them in portable
* add support for "portablectl attach http://foobar.com/waaa.raw (i.e. importd integration)
* add attach --enable and attach --now (for attach+enable+start)