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@ -206,13 +206,6 @@ Features:
end), in order to maximize dd'ability. Requires libfdisk work, see
* systemd-repart: optionally, allow specifying a path to initialize new
partitions from, i.e. an fs image file or a source device node. This would
then turn systemd-repart into a simple installer: with a few .repart files
you could replicate the host system on another device. a full installer would
then be: "systemd-repart /dev/sda && bootctl install /dev/sda &&
systemd-firstboot --image= …"
* systemd-repart: MBR partition table support. Care needs to be taken regarding
Type=, so that partition definitions can sanely apply to both the GPT and the
MBR case. Idea: accept syntax "Type=gpt:home mbr:0x83" for setting the types
@ -231,15 +224,9 @@ Features:
* systemd-repart: allow disabling growing of specific partitions, or making
them (think ESP: we don't ever want to grow it, since we cannot resize vfat)
* systemd-repart: add specifier expansion, add especifier that refers to root
device node of current system, /usr device node, and matching verity, so that
an installer can be made a "copy" installer of the booted OS
* systemd-repart: make it a static checker during early boot for existence and
absence of other partitions for trusted boot environments
* systemd-repart: allow config of partition uuid
* userdb: allow username prefix searches in varlink API, allow realname and
realname substr searches in varlink API