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Lennart Poettering 2 years ago
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@ -22,8 +22,32 @@ Features:
* expose MS_NOSYMFOLLOW in various places
* Add concept for upgrading TPM2 enrollments, maybe a new switch
--pcrs=4:<hash> or so, i.e. select a PCR to include in the hash, and then
override its hash
* homed: store PKCS#11 + FIDO2 token info in LUKS2 header, compatible with
systemd-cryptsetup, so that it can unlock homed volumes
* cryptenroll: politely refuse enrolling new keys to homed volumes, since we
we cannot update identity info
* TPM2: auto-reenroll in cryptsetup, as fallback for hosed firmware upgrades
and such
* cryptsetup: if only recovery keys are registered and no regular passphrases,
ask user for "recovery key", not "passphrase"
* cyptsetup: add option for automatically removing empty password slot on boot
* cryptsetup: optionally, when run during boot-up and password is never
entered, and we are on AC power (or so), power off machine again
entered, and we are on battery power (or so), power off machine again
* cryptsetup: when FIDO2/PKCS#11/TPM2 token/chip didn't show up after some
time, abort the attempt, fallback to asking for pw
* cryptsetup: when waiting for FIDO2/PKCS#11 token, tell plymouth that, and
allow plymouth to abort the waiting and enter pw instead
* when configuring loopback netif, and it fails due to EPERM, eat up error if
it happens to be set up alright already.
@ -200,9 +224,6 @@ Features:
thus allows defining OS images which can be A/B updated and we default to the
newest version automatically, both in nspawn and in sd-boot
* cryptsetup: support FIDO2 tokens for deriving keys (i.e. do what homed can do
also in plain cryptsetup)
* systemd-gpt-auto should probably set x-systemd.growfs on the mounts it
@ -241,12 +262,6 @@ Features:
* add growvol and makevol options for /etc/crypttab, similar to
x-systemd.growfs and x-systemd-makefs.
* hook up the TPM to /etc/crypttab, with a new option that is similar to the
new PKCS#11 option in crypttab, and allows unlocking a LUKS volume via a key
unsealed from the TPM. Optionally, if TPM is not available fall back to
TPM-less mode, and set up linear DM mapping instead (inspired by kpartx), so
that the device paths stay the same, regardless if crypto is used or not.
* systemd-repart: by default generate minimized partition tables (i.e. tables
that only cover the space actually used, excluding any free space at the
end), in order to maximize dd'ability. Requires libfdisk work, see