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Lennart Poettering 4 years ago
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@ -95,6 +95,29 @@ Features:
* bootspec.c: also enumerate EFI unified kernel images.
* maybe set a special xattr on cgroups that have delegate=yes set, to make it
easy to mark cut points
* introduce an option (or replacement) for "systemctl show" that outputs all
properties as JSON, similar to busctl's new JSON output. In contrast to that
it should skip the variant type string though.
* augment CODE_FILE=, CODE_LINE= with something like CODE_BASE= or so which
contains some identifier for the project, which allows us to include
clickable links to source files generating these log messages. The identifier
could be some abberviated URL prefix or so (taking inspiration from Go
imports). For example, for systemd we could use
CODE_BASE=github.com/systemd/systemd/blob/98b0b1123cc or so which is
sufficient to build a link by prefixing "http://" and suffixing the
* when outputting log data with journalctl and the log data includes references
to configuration files (CONFIG_FILE=), create a clickable link for it.
* Augment MESSAGE_ID with MESSAGE_BASE, in a similar fashion so that we can
make clickable links from log messages carrying a MESSAGE_ID, that lead to
some explanatory text online.
* maybe extend .path units to expose fanotify() per-mount change events
* Add a "systemctl list-units --by-slice" mode or so, which rearranges the