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Lennart Poettering 2 years ago
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@ -173,6 +173,10 @@ Features:
- teach it to copy in unified kernel images and maybe type #1 boot loader spec entries from host
- make it operate on loopback files, dissecting enough to find ESP to operate on
* Maybe add a separate GPT partition type to the discoverable partition spec
for "hibernate" partitions, that are exactly like swap partitions but only
activated right before hibernation and thus never used for regular swapping.
* by default, in systemd --user service bump the OOMAdjust to 100, as privs
allow so that systemd survives
@ -234,6 +238,23 @@ Features:
* systemd-repart: allow managing the gpt read-only partition flag + auto-mount flag
* systemd-repart: allow boolean option that ensures that if existing partition
doesn't exist within the configured size bounds the whole command fails. This
is useful to implement ESP vs. XBOOTLDR schemes in installers: have one set
of repart files for the case where ESP is large enough and one where it isn't
and XBOOTLDR is added in instead. Then apply the former first, and if it
fails to apply use the latter.
* systemd-repart: add per-partition option to never reuse existing partition
and always create anew even if matching partition already exists.
* systemd-repart: add per-partition option to fail if partition already exist,
i.e. is not added new. Similar, add option to fail if partition does not exist yet.
* systemd-repart: add --size=auto for generating/resizing images of minimal
size, i.e. where the image file is sized exactly as large as necessary taking
SizeMin= into account, but not a single byte larger.
* systemd-repart: allow disabling growing of specific partitions, or making
them (think ESP: we don't ever want to grow it, since we cannot resize vfat)