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Lennart Poettering 2 years ago
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@ -234,9 +234,6 @@ Features:
* systemd-repart: allow sizing partitions as factor of available RAM, so that
we can reasonably size swap partitions for hibernation.
* systemd-repart: allow running mkfs before making partitions pop up +
encryption via LUKS to allow booting into an empty root with only /usr mounted in
* systemd-repart: allow managing the gpt read-only partition flag + auto-mount flag
* systemd-repart: allow boolean option that ensures that if existing partition
@ -252,10 +249,6 @@ Features:
* systemd-repart: add per-partition option to fail if partition already exist,
i.e. is not added new. Similar, add option to fail if partition does not exist yet.
* systemd-repart: add --size=auto for generating/resizing images of minimal
size, i.e. where the image file is sized exactly as large as necessary taking
SizeMin= into account, but not a single byte larger.
* systemd-repart: allow disabling growing of specific partitions, or making
them (think ESP: we don't ever want to grow it, since we cannot resize vfat)