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Lennart Poettering 2 years ago
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@ -62,6 +62,23 @@ Features:
* pid1: also remove PID files of a service when the service starts, not just
when it exits
* make us use dynamically fewer deps for containers in general purpose distros:
o turn into dlopen() deps:
- pcre2 (always) — irrelevant on Fedora, since dep by
libselinux, but should benefit Debian
- libpwquality (always) - only relevant for homed, and maybe soon
- elfutils (always)
- p11-kit-trust (always)
- kmod-libs (only when called from PID 1)
- cryptsetup-libs (only in RootImage= handling in PID 1, but not in systemd-cryptsetup)
- similar: libblkid
- libpam (only when called from PID 1)
- bzip2, xz, lz4 (always — gzip and zstd should probably stay static deps the way they are,
since they are so basic and our defaults)
o move into separate libsystemd-shared-iptables.so .so
- iptables-libs (only used by nspawn + networkd)
* seccomp: when SystemCallArchitectures=native is set then don't install any
other seccomp filters for any of the other archs, in order to reduce the
number of seccomp filters we install needlessly.
@ -162,7 +179,8 @@ Features:
* socket units: allow creating a udev monitor socket with ListenDevices= or so,
with matches, then activate app through that passing socket over
* unify on openssl:
* unify on openssl (as soon as OpenSSL 3.0 is out, and the Debian license
confusion is gone)
- port sd_id128_get_machine_app_specific() over from khash
- port resolved over from libgcrypt (DNSSEC code)
- port journald + fsprg over from libgcrypt