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ycm: add doc string for all the functions in configuration file

Jiahui Xie 5 years ago
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@ -51,10 +51,24 @@ HEADER_EXTENSIONS = (".H", ".h", ".hxx", ".hpp", ".hh")
def DirectoryOfThisScript():
Return the absolute path of the parent directory containing this
return os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
def GuessBuildDirectory():
Guess the build directory using the following heuristics:
1. Returns the current directory of this script plus 'build'
subdirectory in absolute path if this subdirectory exists.
2. Otherwise, probes whether there exists any directory
containing '.ninja_log' file two levels above the current directory;
returns this single directory only if there is one candidate.
result = os.path.join(DirectoryOfThisScript(), "build")
if os.path.exists(result):
@ -73,6 +87,16 @@ def GuessBuildDirectory():
def TraverseByDepth(root, include_extensions):
Return a set of child directories of the 'root' containing file
extensions specified in 'include_extensions'.
1. The 'root' directory itself is excluded from the result set.
2. No subdirectories would be excluded if 'include_extensions' is left
to 'None'.
3. Each entry in 'include_extensions' must begin with string '.'.
is_root = True
result = set()
# Perform a depth first top down traverse of the given directory tree.
@ -132,6 +156,11 @@ else:
def MakeRelativePathsInFlagsAbsolute(flags, working_directory):
Iterate through 'flags' and replace the relative paths prefixed by
'-isystem', '-I', '-iquote', '--sysroot=' with absolute paths
start with 'working_directory'.
if not working_directory:
return list(flags)
new_flags = []
@ -161,11 +190,17 @@ def MakeRelativePathsInFlagsAbsolute(flags, working_directory):
def IsHeaderFile(filename):
Check whether 'filename' is considered as a header file.
extension = os.path.splitext(filename)[1]
return extension in HEADER_EXTENSIONS
def GetCompilationInfoForFile(filename):
Helper function to look up compilation info of 'filename' in the 'database'.
# The compilation_commands.json file generated by CMake does not have
# entries for header files. So we do our best by asking the db for flags for
# a corresponding source file, if any. If one exists, the flags for that
@ -187,6 +222,13 @@ def GetCompilationInfoForFile(filename):
def FlagsForFile(filename, **kwargs):
Callback function to be invoked by YouCompleteMe in order to get the
information necessary to compile 'filename'.
It returns a dictionary with a single element 'flags'. This element is a
list of compiler flags to pass to libclang for the file 'filename'.
if database:
# Bear in mind that compilation_info.compiler_flags_ does NOT return a
# python list, but a "list-like" StringVec object