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Lennart Poettering 4 years ago
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@ -25,6 +25,10 @@ Features:
* when we fork off generators and such, lower LIMIT_NOFILE soft limit to 1K
* rework seccomp/nnp logic that that even if User= is used in combination with
a seccomp option we don't have to set NNP. For that, change uid first whil
keeping CAP_SYS_ADMIN, then apply seccomp, the drop cap.
* add a concept for automatically loading per-unit secrets off disk and
inserting them into the kernel keyring. Maybe SecretsDirectory= similar to
@ -49,6 +53,9 @@ Features:
* set memory.oom.group in cgroupsv2 for all leaf cgroups (kernel v4.19+)
* add a new syscall group "@esoteric" for more esoteric stuff such as bpf() and
usefaultd() and make systemd-analyze check for it.
* drop umask() calls and suchlike from our generators, pid1 should set things up correctly anyway
* paranoia: whenever we process passwords, call mlock() on the memory
@ -290,9 +297,6 @@ Features:
* beef up pam_systemd to take unit file settings such as cgroups properties as
* a new "systemd-analyze security" tool outputting a checklist of security
features a service does and does not implement
* maybe hook of xfs/ext4 quotactl() with services? i.e. automatically manage
the quota of a the user indicated in User= via unit file settings, like the
other resource management concepts. Would mix nicely with DynamicUser=1. Or