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Lennart Poettering 2 years ago
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@ -119,14 +119,18 @@ Features:
* seccomp: maybe merge all filters we install into one with that libseccomp API that allows merging.
* per-service credential system. Specifically: add LoadCredential= (for loading
cred from file), AcquireCredential= (for asking user for cred, via
ask-password), PassCredential= (for passing on credential systemd itself
got). Then, place credentials in a per-service, immutable ramfs instance (so
that it cannot be swapped out), destroy after use. Also pass via keyring
(with graceful fallback to cover for containers). Define CredentialPath= for
defining subdir of /run/credentials/ where to place it. Set $CREDENTIAL_PATH
env var for services to the result. Also pass via fd passing (optionally).
* credentials system:
- maybe add AcquireCredential= for querying a cred via ask-password
- maybe try to acquire creds via keyring?
- maybe try to pass creds via keyring?
- maybe optionally pass creds via memfd
- maybe add support for decrypting creds via TPM
- maybe add support for decrypting/importing creds via pkcs11
- make systemd-cryptsetup acquire pw via creds logic
- make PAMName= acquire pw via creds logic
- make macsec/wireguard code in networkd read key via creds logic
- make gatwayd/remote read key via creds logic
- add sd_notify() command for flushing out creds not needed anymore
* homed: add native recovery key support. use 48 lowercase modhex characters
(192bit), show qr code of it, include pattern expression in user record.