7 Commits (nin-wip)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Frantisek Sumsal e31b6bd020 lgtm: drop the TMPDIR/meson workaround 2 years ago
Frantisek Sumsal 7ad1f04398 lgtm: use the system version of meson 3 years ago
Frantisek Sumsal 65be7042a8 lgtm: set TMPDIR to /var/tmp 3 years ago
Lennart Poettering 0edd431e15 ci: add new dependencies to CI 3 years ago
Lennart Poettering e65f29b4c6 ci: add dependencies for repart + cryptsetup's pkcs#11 support 3 years ago
Yu Watanabe fc1c09e1df lgtm: use python3 4 years ago
Yu Watanabe 55d651d8f6 LGTM: make LGTM.com use meson from pip 4 years ago