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* check systemd-tmpfiles for selinux context hookup for mknod(), symlink() and similar
* swap units that are activated by one name but shown in the kernel under another are semi-broken
* make anaconda write timeout=0 for encrypted devices
* Dangling symlinks of .automount unit files in .wants/ directories, set up
automount points even when the original .automount file did not exist
anymore. Only the .mount unit was still around.
* make polkit checks async
* properly handle .mount unit state tracking when two mount points are stacked one on top of another on the exact same mount point.
* Retest multi-seat
* kill insserv code, people should really use a generator for this
* journald: when dropping msgs due to ratelimit make sure to write
"dropped %u messages" not only when we are about to print the next
message that works, but alraedy after a short tiemout
* add form factor to /etc/machine-info
* use C11 static_assert() where we currently use assert_cc()
* journald: also get thread ID from client, plus thread name
* check if we can make journalctl by default use --follow mode inside of less if called without args?
* Addd a verbose mode to "systemctl start" and friends that explains what is being done or not done
* "systemctl is-failed" to join "systemctl is-active" and "systemctl is-enabled".
* journal is not closed properly at shutdown when run in a container?
* All log messages generated from socket.c, service.c, ... should
include _SYSTEMD_UNIT= fields so that "systemctl status" can show
them along with the unit
* use polkit "imply" for binding hostname actions together
* journal: when waiting for journal additions always sleep at least 1s or so, in order to minimize wakeups
* When is queued begin with an asynchronous sync()?
* Add ConditionBatteryPower= or ConditionACPower=? (but definitely not both)
* add API to close/reopen/get fd for journal client fd in libsystemd-journal.
* maybe add API to send pairs of iovecs via sd_journal_send
* fallback to /dev/log based logging in libsystemd-journal, if we can't log natively?
* declare the local journal protocol stable in the wiki interface chart
* journal: reuse XZ context
* sd-journal: speed up sd_journal_get_data() with transparent hash table in bg
* introduce ntp.service (or suchlike) as symlink that is used to arbitrate between various NTP implementations
* timer units should get the ability to trigger when:
- DST changes
* update the kernel's TZ (sys_tz) when DST changes
* sync down the system time to the RTC when:
- CLOCK_REALTIME makes jumps (the user explicitely requested a time set)
- DST/timezone changes && ntp is active && RTC-in-localtime (never do it without ntp)
This takes care of syncing ntpdate updates to the RTC, and DST updates for localtime
mode, it will never touch the RTC if the no reliable time source is active or the
user did not request anything like it.
* When we begin with system shutdown all kind of suspend/hibernation should be prohibited until shutdown/reboot
* When we update the kernel all kind of hibernation should be prohibited until shutdown/reboot
* hwdb:
- implement conditional properties (dmi matches)
- hwdb --filter=ID_DRIVE_*
- find out what to do for blockdevs and skipping scsi modaliases
- move writing code to src/libudev/libudev-hwdb-private.c
* if booted in "quiet" mode, and an error happens, turn on status output again, so that the emergency mode isn't totally surprising
* localectl: add listing support for X11 keymaps, by parsing /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/xorg.lst
* libunwind support for coredump pattern hook, and includes this in
the message for coredumps. After all, libunwind is now capable to
unwind coredumps since a few weeks ago. This probably requires that
we have nice support for multi-line messages on display in logs-show.c.
* figure out relation of --all and --full in the various tools
* journal: when writing journal auto-rotate if time jumps backwards
* introduce new "journal" group in place of adm? introduce groups for the various mini daemons?
* journal: add a setgid "adm" utility to invoke from libsystemd-journal, which passes fds via STDOUT and does PK access
* link up selected blog stories from man pages and unit files Documentation= fields?
* journactl: support negative filtering, i.e. FOOBAR!="waldo",
and !FOOBAR for events without FOOBAR.
* print nice message from systemctl --failed if there are no entries shown, and hook that into ExecStartPre of rescue.service/emergency.service
* add libsystemd-password or so to query passwords during boot using the password agent logic
* journal: when rotating, copy over old acls/access mode
* journal: document why we do not give ownership to journal files to the user that created them but use FS ACLs for that
* journal: send out marker messages every now and then, and immediately sync with fdatasync() afterwards, in order to have hourly guaranteed syncs.
* journal: when we haven't written anything in a while, sync to disk and mark file as offline, in order to be more often than not in a clean state
* journal-send.c, log.c: when the log socket is clogged, and we drop, count this and write a message about this when it gets unclogged again.
* If we show an error about a unit (such as not showing up) and it has no Description string, then show a description string generated form the reverse of unit_name_mangle().
* fedup: add --unit to systemctl switch-root somehow
* fedup: don't delete initrd on switch-root
* fedup: generator
* journal: find a way to allow dropping history early, based on priority, other rules
* journal: When used on NFS, check payload hashes
* journal: When used on NFS make sure wake up sd_journal_wait() every 2s, to handle missing inotify
* document that people can use file system ACLs to manage access to journal files, with example
* don't show cgroup in "systemctl status" if empty/non-existent, especially for foreign .mount units
* timedated: export boolean that clarifies whether NTP is even available
* timedated: refuse time changes when NTP is on
* clean up date formatting and parsing so that all absolute/relative timestamps we format can also be parsed
* document unit_name_mangle()
* add new command to systemctl: "systemctl system-reexec" which reexecs as many daemons as virtually possible
* introduce generic AUGMENT_PID=, AUGMENT_DEVICE= fields
* deal with sendmail/postfix exclusivity
* systemctl enable: improve the success messages (i.e. more human readable, less shell-like)
* systemctl enable: fail if target to alias into doesn't exist? maybe show how many units are enabled afterwards?
* on shutdown: move utmp, wall, audit logic all into PID 1 itself, get rid of systemd-update-utmp-runlevel
* add "provisioning" instructions to setup an empty /etc + /var
- used to setup a new container from a shared /usr
- superset of tmpfiles model
- instructions shipped by packages and stored in /usr/lib/
- compose /etc/passwd and /etc/group, copy files
- able to create uid + gid used by packages, for file ownership
* make repeated alt-ctrl-del presses printing a dump, or even force a reboot without
waiting for the timeout
* high level net_prio setting in execution context
* Introduce journalctl -b <nr> to show journal messages of a previous boot
* hostnamed: before returning information from /etc/machine-info.conf check the modification data and reread. Similar for localed, ...
* currently x-systemd.timeout is lost in the initrd, since crypttab is copied into dracut, but fstab isn't
* WorkingDirectory: support env var replacements like in ExecStart= so that people can use $HOME
* refuse boot if /etc/machine-id is not useful
* nspawn: consider changing users for -u with su, so that NSS resolving works correctly
* nspawn: implement personality changes a la linux32(8)
* cryptsetup-generator: warn if the password files are world-readable
* cryptsetup-generator: add RequiresMountsFor= to cryptseup service files referencing a file, similar for devices
* cryptsetup-generator: allow specification of passwords in crypttab itself
* document that deps in [Unit] sections ignore Alias= fileds in
[Install] units of other units, unless those units are disabled
* systemctl: when powering down/suspending check for inhibitors, and warn.
* instantiated [Install] for target units
* move debug shell to tty6 and make sure this doesn't break the gettys on tty6
* move cryptsetup key caching into kernel keyctl?
* make nspawn work without terminal
* hw watchdog: optionally try to use the preset watchdog timeout instead of always overriding it
* after deserializing sockets in socket.c we should reapply sockopts and things
* make timer units go away after they elapsed
* come up with a nice way to write queue/read_ahead_kb for a block device without interfering with readahead
* journald: add kernel cmdline option to disable ratelimiting for debug purposes
* move PID 1 segfaults to /var/lib/systemd/coredump?
* Document word splitting syntax for ExecStart= and friends
* create /sbin/init symlinks from the build system
* Query Paul Moore about relabelling socket fds while they are open
* move keymaps to /usr/lib/... rather than /usr/lib/udev/...
* journald: check whether it is OK if the client can still modify delivered journal entries
* journal live copy, based on libneon (client) and libmicrohttpd
* system-wide seccomp filter
* ability to pass fds into systemd
* system.conf should have controls for cgroups
* bind mount read-only the cgroup tree higher than nspawn
* allow writing multiple conditions in unit files on one line
* explore multiple service instances per listening socket idea
* testing tool for socket activation: some binary that listens on a socket and passes it on using the usual socket activation protocol to some server.
* shutdown: don't read-only mount anything when running in container
* nspawn: --read-only is not applied recursively to submounts
* MountFlags=shared acts as MountFlags=slave right now.
* ReadOnlyDirectories= is not applied recursively to submounts
* drop PID 1 reloading, only do reexecing (difficult: Reload()
currently is properly synchronous, Reexec() is weird, because we
can't delay the response properly until we are back, so instead of
being properly synchronous we just keep open the fd and close it
when done. That means clients don't get a successful method reply,
but much rather a disconnect on success.
* document that service reload may be implemented as service reexec
* remember which condition failed for services, not just the fact that something failed
* use opterr = 0 for all getopt tools
* properly handle loop back mounts via fstab, especially regards to fsck/passno
* allow services with no ExecStart= but with an ExecStop=
* add proper journal support to "systemctl --user status ..."
* add _SYSTEMD_USER_UNIT= field to journal entries
* dracut-shutdown needs to be ordered before unmounting /boot
* initialize the hostname from the fs label of /, if /etc/hostname does not exist?
* rename "userspace" to "core-os"
* systemctl: "Journal has been rotated since unit was started." message is misleading
* syscall filter: add knowledge about compat syscalls
* syscall filter: don't enforce no new privs?
* syscall filter: option to return EPERM rather than SIGSYS?
* syscall filter: port to libseccomp
* logind: wakelock/opportunistic suspend support
* systemd-analyze post-boot is broken for initrd
* systemd-analyze: data collection tools should be lightweight (few dependencies); data analysis tools can be heavyweight
* man: clarify that is not only sysv compat but also useful otherwise. Same for similar targets
* .device aliases need to be implemented with the "following" logic, probably.
* refuse taking lower-case variable names in sd_journal_send() and friends.
* load-fragment: when loading a unit file via a chain of symlinks
verify that it isn't masked via any of the names traversed.
* journald: we currently rotate only after MaxUse+MaxFilesize has been reached.
* Document:
- PID 1 D-Bus API
* introduce Type=pid-file
* maybe allow services with ExecStop= set, but no ExecStart=?
* efi: implement /forcefsck as uefi variables thus not requiring file system altering to trigger a file system check
* efi: honor language efi variables for default language selection
* efi: honor timezone efi variables for default timezone selection
* efi: automatically mount EFI partition to /boot if no such entry exists in /etc/fstab and /boot is empty
gummiboot exports the EFI system partion (ESP) device:
'/' is the separator for the device path list
HD(Part1,Sig1FCBC57F-4BFC-4C2B-91A3-9C84FBCD9AF1) contains the GPT UUID of the ESP
* read the bootloader performance data (raw TSC) in systemd-analyze
(only set if the menu was active)
* change to
* support rd.luks.allow-discards= kernel cmdline params in cryptsetup generator
* nspawn: make use of device cgroup contrller by default
* drop accountsservice's StandardOutput=syslog and Type=dbus fields
* when breaking cycles drop sysv services first, then services from /run, then from /etc, then from /usr
* readahead: when bumping /sys readahead variable save mtime and compare later to detect changes
* (attempt to) make Debianites happy:
- implement .d/ auto includes for unit files
- add syntax to reset ExecStart= lists (and similar)
* move passno parsing to fstab generator
* improve !/proc/*/loginuid situation: make /proc/*/loginuid less dependent on CONFIG_AUDIT,
or use the users cgroup information when /proc/*/loginuid is not available.
* pam_systemd: try to get old session id from cgroup, if audit sessionid cannot be determined
* pam: when leaving a session explicitly exclude the ReleaseSession() caller process from the killing spree
* maybe introduce ~/.config/locale.conf and apply it within PAM
* readahead: make use of EXT4_IOC_MOVE_EXT, as used by
* automount: implement expire
* logind: auto-suspend, auto-shutdown:
* services which create their own subcgroups break cgroup-empty notification (needs to be fixed in the kernel)
* don't delete /tmp/systemd-namespace-* before a process is gone down
* vconsole: implement setterm -store -foreground xxx --background zzz
* ExecOnFailure=/usr/bin/foo
* fedora: make sshd and pam_loginuid work in nspawn containers
* fix utmp for console logins in containers
* Add pretty name for seats in logind
* ConditionSecurity= should learn about IMA and SMACK
* Auke: merge Auke's bootchart
* udev: move to LGPL
* udev systemd unify:
- strpcpy(), strpcpyl(), strscpy(), strscpyl()
- utf8 validator code
* udev: scsi_id -> sg3_utils -> kill scsi_id
* udev: add trigger --subsystem-match=usb/usb_device device
* allow configuration of console width/height in vconsole.conf
* cleanup syslog 'priority' vs. 'level' wording
* dbus upstream still refers to and shouldn't
* when a service has the same env var set twice we actually store it twice and return that in systemctl show -p... We should only show the last setting
* support container_ttys=
* introduce mix of BindTo and Requisite
* journalctl: show multiline log messages sanely, expand tabs, and show all valid utf8 messages
* add DeleteSocketsOnStop=yes|no option to socket units
* journal: store euid in journal if it differs from uid
* There's currently no way to cancel fsck (used to be possible via C-c or c on the console)
* journal: sanely deal with entries which are larger than the individual file size, but where the components would fit
* add command to systemctl to plot dependency graph as tree (see rhbz 795365)
* add option to sockets to avoid activation. Instead just drop packets/connections, see
* default unix qlen is too small (10). bump sysctl? add sockopt?
* figure out whether we should leave dbus around during shutdown
* dbus: in fedora, make the machine a symlink to /etc/machine-id
* dbus: move dbus to early boot
* logind: add equivalent to sd_pid_get_owner_uid() to the D-Bus API
* journal: deal nicely with byte-by-byte copied files, especially regards header
* journal: local deserializer of export mode, http server
* document the exit codes when services fail before they are exec()ed
* save coredump in Windows/Mozilla minidump format
* support crash reporting operation modes (
* clean up session cgroups that remain after logout (think sshd), but eventually run empty
* support "systemctl stop foobar@.service" to stop all units matching a certain template
* logind: allow showing logout dialog from system
* document that %% can be used to write % in a string that is specifier extended
* when an instanced service exits, remove its parent cgroup too if possible.
* default to actual 32bit PIDs, via /proc/sys/kernel/pid_max
* be able to specify a forced restart of service A where service B depends on, in case B
needs to be auto-respawned?
* Something is wrong with symlink handling of "autovt@.service" in "systemctl list-unit-files"
* when a bus name of a service disappears from the bus make sure to queue further activation requests
* something like ConditionExec= or ExecStartPre= without failure state
* tmpfiles: apply "x" on "D" too (see patch from William Douglas)
* don't set $HOME in services unless requested
* hide PAM/TCPWrap options in fragment parser when compile time disabled
* when we automatically restart a service, ensure we restart its rdeps, too.
* allow Type=simple with PIDFile=
* move PAM code into its own binary
* logind: spawn user@..service on login
* logind: non-local X11 server handling
* implement Register= switch in .socket units to enable registration
in Avahi, RPC and other socket registration services.
* make sure systemd-ask-password-wall does not shutdown systemd-ask-password-console too early
* readahead: use BTRFS_IOC_DEFRAG_RANGE instead of BTRFS_IOC_DEFRAG ioctl, with START_IO
* support sd_notify() style notification when reload begins (RELOADING=1), reload is finished (READY=1), and add ReloadSignal= then to use in combination
* support sd_notify() style notification when shutting down, to make auto-exit bus services work (STOPPING=1)
* verify that the AF_UNIX sockets of a service in the fs still exist
when we start a service in order to avoid confusion when a user
assumes starting a service is enough to make it accessible
* Make it possible to set the keymap independently from the font on
the kernel cmdline. Right now setting one resets also the other.
* move nss-myhostname into systemd
* and a dbus call to generate target from current state
* drop /.readahead on bigger upgrades with yum
* add support for /bin/mount -s
* GC unreferenced jobs (such as .device jobs)
* write blog stories about:
- hwdb: what belongs into it, lsusb
- enabling dbus services
- status update
- how to make changes to sysctl and sysfs attributes
- remote access
- how to pass throw-away units to systemd, or dynamically change properties of existing units
- how to integrate cgconfig and suchlike with systemd
- testing with Harald's awesome test kit
- auto-restart
- how to develop against journal browsing APIs
- the journal HTTP iface
- non-cgroup resource management
- refreshed, longer missions statement
- using detect-virt
* allow port=0 in .socket units
* move readahead files into /var (look for them with .path units?)
* teach dbus to activate all services it finds in /etc/systemd/services/org-*.service
* support systemd.mask= on the kernel command line.
* when key file cannot be found, read it from kbd in cryptsetup
* reuse mkdtemp namespace dirs in /tmp?
* recreate systemd's D-Bus private socket file on SIGUSR2
* Support --test based on current system state
* investigate whether the gnome pty helper should be moved into systemd, to provide cgroup support.
* maybe introduce ExecRestartPre=
* configurable jitter for timer events
* timer events with system resume
* dot output for --test showing the 'initial transaction'
* writable cgroups dbus properties for live changes
* port over to LISTEN_FDS/LISTEN_PID:
- rpcbind (/var/run/rpcbind.sock!) HAVEPATCH
- postfix, saslauthd
- apache/samba
- libvirtd (/var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock-ro)
- bluetoothd (/var/run/sdp! @/org/bluez/audio!)
- distccd
* io priority during initialization
* systemctl list-jobs - show dependencies
* add systemctl switch to dump transaction without executing it
* drop cap bounding set in readahead and other services
* dbus:
- dbus --user
- natively watch for dbus-*.service symlinks (PENDING)
- allow specification of socket mode/umask when allocating DBusServer
- allow disabling of fd passing when connecting a AF_UNIX connection
- allow disabling of UID passing for AUTH EXTERNAL
- always pass cred data along each message
* fix alsa mixer restore to not print error when no config is stored
* gnome-shell python script/glxinfo/is-accelerated must die
* make cryptsetup lower --iter-time
* patch kernel for xattr support in /dev, /proc/, /sys and /sys/fs/cgroup?
* NTP: the kernel's 11-minutes-mode syncs the system time to the RTC, but only
in an ~30 minutes window. It does not adjust larger differences. Find a way
to tell the kernel, to always do a full time sync when the RTC is in UTC and
we are in 11-minutes-mode. When we trust the system time to NTP we also want
the RTC to sync up.
* kernel: add device_type = "fb", "fbcon" to class "graphics"
* look for close() vs. close_nointr() vs. close_nointr_nofail()
* check for strerror(r) instead of strerror(-r)
* Use PR_SET_PROCTITLE_AREA if it becomes available in the kernel
* %m in printf() instead of strerror(errno);
* pahole
* set_put(), hashmap_put() return values check. i.e. == 0 doesn't free()!
* use secure_getenv() instead of getenv() where appropriate
Scheduled for removal or fixing:
* xxxOverridable dependencies (probably: fix)
* support for early-boot SysV services (definitely: remove)
* insserv support (definitely: remove)