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@ -21,6 +21,20 @@ Janitorial Clean-ups:
* logind: maybe watch utmp asynchronously using inotify, and populate our own
tracked session metadata from the fields available therein. Why bother? Right
now, all "ssh" sessions will be tracked without their TTY by logind (which is
not just unfriendly to users as this means "loginctl session-status" shows
less information than "who" in many cases, but also breaks the IdleAction
logic, as we never can detect such sessions as idle, as we have no TTY to
watch). ssh sets the PAM_TTY field on its PAM sessions to "ssh" rather than
the actual pty, because the PAM session is opened early on for new
connections, but the PTY only registered much later (if at all). ssh writes
the utmp record only after a TTY is actually registered, hence we could use
this data then, and use it if it is available. Using utmp for this is ugly of
course, and watching things asynchronously even more so, but it should be
good enough for the idle detection logic at least.
* Add a "systemctl list-units --by-slice" mode or so, which rearranges the
output of "systemctl list-units" slightly by showing the tree structure of
the slices, and the units attached to them.