man: systemd-sysusers does not create home dir

Document that systemd-sysusers doesn’t create the specified home
directory, and point to systemd-tmpfiles as the service that can create
the home directory instead. (systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service is ordered
After=systemd-sysusers.service, so by the time systemd-tmpfiles would
create the home directory, sysusers would have created the owning user
already, and it should all work out.)
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@ -216,6 +216,11 @@ r - 500-900
<para>Only applies to lines of type <varname>u</varname> and should otherwise
be left unset (or <literal>-</literal>). It is recommended to omit this, unless
software strictly requires a home directory to be set.</para>
<para><command>systemd-sysusers</command> only sets the home directory record in the
user database. To actually create the directory, consider adding a corresponding