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@ -33,6 +33,13 @@ Features:
to read the repart data from /usr before the root partition exists. Add
usr=gpt-auto that automatically finds a /usr partition.
* change SwitchRoot() implementation in PID 1 to use pivot_root(".", "."), as
documented in the pivot_root(2) man page, so that we can drop the /oldroot
temporary dir.
* special case some calls of chase_symlinks() to use openat2() internally, so
that the kernel does what we otherwise do.
* homed: keep an fd to the homedir open at all times, to keep the fs pinned
(autofs and such) while user is loged in.
@ -56,8 +63,6 @@ Features:
mounting a subdir of the root fs as actual root. This can be used as
fstype-agnostic version of btrfs' rootflags=subvol=foobar.
* Support ProtectProc= or so, using: https://patchwork.kernel.org/cover/11310197/
* if /usr/bin/swapoff fails due to OOM, log a friendly explanatory message about it
* build short web pages out of each catalog entry, build them along with man
@ -210,8 +215,6 @@ Features:
- when that's done: kill khash.c
- when that's done: kill gnutls support in resolved
* kill zenata, all hail weblate?
* when we resize disks (homed?) always round up to 4K sectors, not 512K
* add growvol and makevol options for /etc/crypttab, similar to
@ -653,11 +656,6 @@ Features:
yogas can be recognized as "convertible" too, even if they predate the DMI
"convertible" form factor
* Maybe add PrivatePIDs= as new unit setting, and do minimal PID namespacing
after all. Be strict however, only support the equivalent of nspawn's
--as-pid2 switch, and sanely proxy sd_notify() messages dropping stuff such
* Add ExecMonitor= setting. May be used multiple times. Forks off a process in
the service cgroup, which is supposed to monitor the service, and when it
exits the service is considered failed by its monitor.
@ -866,13 +864,6 @@ Features:
service instances processing the listening socket, and open this up
for ReusePort=
* introduce bus call FreezeUnit(s, b), as well as "systemctl freeze
$UNIT" and "systemctl thaw $UNIT" as wrappers around this. The calls
should SIGSTOP all unit processes in a loop until all processes of
it are fully stopped. This can later be used for app management by
desktop UIs such as gnome-shell to freeze apps that are not visible
on screen, not unlike how job control works on the shell
* cgroups:
- implement per-slice CPUFairScheduling=1 switch
- introduce high-level settings for RT budget, swappiness